Government Childcare Website Launched


The government has launched a new website, Childcare Choices, for childcare support. It includes information about Tax-Free Childcare, Childcare Vouchers, 30 hours of free childcare in England,  Tax Credits and Universal Tax Credits in relation to childcare.

The website has a calculator which parents can use to compare all the government’s childcare offers

Parents can sign up for alerts about Tax-free childcare which is due to start on 28th April for parents of the youngest children first with a gradual rollout over 2017 and the 30 hours of free childcare in England to be rolled out on 1st September.

The announcement has been made in a government news story headlined “UK families will soon see bills cut as date announced for the launch of Tax-Free Childcare” which contains an explanation of how TFC works and its eligibility criteria.